How Often Is the Dartboard Changed in the World Championship

If you’ve ever found yourself caught in the excitement of a fever-pitch match at the World Darts Championship, then you just might understand why I found myself mulling over an obscure detail: How Often Is the Dartboard Changed in the World Championship? It might seem like a minor detail to some, but for those who appreciate the fine nuances of professional darts as I do, it becomes this fascinating question itching to be answered.

This curiosity led me down a rabbit hole of research and exploration into this lesser-known aspect of dart championships.

How Often Is the Dartboard Changed in the World Championship

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Key Takeaways

  • The official PDC dartboard is reselected every year for the World Championship.
  • A dartboard is changed before each match.
  • Winmau, a trusted brand in the darts industry, is selected to make the official dartboard.
  • Rotating the dartboard regularly ensures fair gameplay and prevents specific areas from wearing out faster.
  • Regular rotation improves accuracy, reduces bounce – outs, and promotes fair competition.

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How Often Is the Dartboard Changed in the World Championship

The dartboard is changed before every match in the World Darts Championship. During the match, the boards get rotated about 4 times and then get changed again.

This is done to ensure that the board is in the best possible condition for the players and to keep the game fair. A new dartboard is also more aesthetically pleasing for television viewers.

The winner of each match is usually given the opportunity to take the board home with them as a trophy.

The Selection Process of the Official PDC Dartboard

The official PDC dartboard is selected based on specific criteria and through an exclusive partnership with the Winmau brand.

The criteria for selection

Choosing the official PDC Dartboard for each year’s World Darts Championship needs a careful process. I want to share some of these rules:

  1. The dartboard must come from the Winmau brand.
  2. It must meet the rules set by the Darts Regulation Authority.
  3. The board must be new and unused before every championship.
  4. All Professional Darts Corporation tournaments use this dartboard following their rules.

The exclusive partnership with Winmau brand

Winmau brand makes the PDC Dartboard. They make it just for the World Championship each year. The Winmau brand provides top-level darts products. They stand for quality and trust in our sport of darts.

The choice to join up with Winmau was not random. Rather, their long history of making high-end dart items landed them this deal with PDC. Using a steady and dependable product like Winmau allows players to focus on their game during the big Championship event.

The official PDC Dartboard: The Winmau Blade 6 Triple core

All PDC tournaments are currently played with the Winmau Blade 6 Triple core Dartboard.

However, if you want a different dartboard but have no idea where to start your search, I recommend visiting my comprehensive guide The 7 Best Bristle Dartboards To Play At Pro Level. There you will find the best dartboards for fun dart games.

Frequency of Dartboard Rotation in the World Championship

The dartboard in the World Championship is rotated regularly to ensure fair competition and optimal gameplay.

Importance of rotating the dartboard

Rotating the dartboard is a vital step in any darts match. It helps keep the board fair for all players. Over time, the spots where darts often hit can wear out. This makes it harder to score points.

By changing the position of the board, we allow less used parts to face higher hits. It keeps scoring even and improves overall gameplay in tournaments such as the PDC World Darts Championship from Wanimau brand or other events ruled by Darts Regulation Authority guidelines.

Recommendations for rotation frequency

To ensure fair gameplay and prevent wear and tear on the dartboard, it is recommended to rotate your dartboard regularly. Here are some suggestions for how often you should do this:

  1. Every 2-3 weeks: If you play darts frequently and consider yourself a serious player, rotating the dartboard every 2-3 weeks is a good idea. This will help distribute the impact of the darts evenly across the board and prevent certain areas from becoming worn out.
  2. Monthly: For casual players who enjoy a few games of darts every now and then, rotating the dartboard once a month should be sufficient. This will help maintain the integrity of the board and prolong its lifespan.
  3. After each session: If you have a specific practice area where you play darts regularly, it’s a good practice to rotate the board after each session. This will ensure that no single section of the board gets worn out faster than others.

Impact of Dartboard Rotation on Player Performance

Rotating the dartboard has numerous benefits for player performance, including improving accuracy, reducing wear and tear on specific areas of the board, and ensuring a fair competition for all players.

Benefits of rotating the dartboard

Rotating the dartboard during gameplay has several benefits for darts players. Here are some advantages of regularly rotating the dartboard:

Improved durabilityRotating the dartboard helps distribute wear and tear evenly across the board’s surface, preventing specific areas from wearing out faster than others.
Reduced bounce-outsBy rotating the dartboard, players can minimize the risk of their darts hitting worn-out or damaged areas, reducing bounce-outs and increasing scoring opportunities.
Fair competitionRotating the dartboard ensures that all players have an equal chance to score points, as no single section of the board becomes overused or worn over time.
Enhanced accuracyRegularly rotating the dartboard encourages players to adapt their throwing technique to different sections of the board, improving overall accuracy and precision.
Challenge varietyBy rotating the dartboard, players can introduce variation into their practice sessions and games, testing their skills on different segments and trebles.
Benefits of rotating the dartboard

Enhanced gameplay and fair competition

Having a regularly rotated dartboard at the World Championship contributes to enhanced gameplay and fair competition. By changing the board, it ensures that every player has an equal opportunity to perform well.

This prevents any advantages or disadvantages that may come from a worn-out or poorly maintained board. Rotating the dartboard also maintains its quality, avoiding any inconsistencies in bounce or scoring areas.

Ultimately, this leads to a more exciting and competitive tournament for both players and spectators alike.


The dartboard in the World Championship is changed every year. The Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) selects a new official dartboard exclusively for the tournament. This ensures fair gameplay and maintains the high standards of competition.

So, rest assured that players are always facing a fresh board in each championship!

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