How to Hang a Dartboard Cabinet on Drywall: A Quick Guide

Ever thought your dart games might stop because your dartboard cabinet was not put up right? We dart lovers care a lot about precision, not just in our throws but in setting up our spaces too. I’ll show you how to hang a dartboard cabinet on drywall the right way.

It means every game goes smoothly, without interruptions. Hanging a dartboard cabinet on drywall is not just about following steps. It’s about keeping the center of your game space safe. Let’s get that cabinet up. Then, you can focus on hitting the bullseye!


This guide is for dartboard cabinet installation on drywall. When you want to hang a dartboard cabinet on a brick wall, the steps are slightly different. For that I recommend to read my step-by-step guide on how to hang a dartboard cabinet here.

How to Hang a Dartboard Cabinet on Drywall_ A Quick Guide

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Key Takeaways

  • Official dartboard cabinet height and throw line distances for correct gameplay setup.
  • Essential tools for hanging a dartboard cabinet on drywall securely.
  • Choosing the right anchors for a reliable dartboard cabinet on drywall.
  • Strategies for finding studs in drywall to ensure a more stable dartboard setup.
  • Step-by-step guide to ensure your dartboard cabinet is perfectly leveled.

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Essential Tools and Materials

After choosing the perfect dartboard cabinet for you and before you start installing your dartboard cabinet, you need to gather the right tools and materials. This step is key to make sure the setup goes smoothly. We’ll look at what you need to get your dartboard up and ready for play.

What Tools Are Required for the Installation?

You need a couple of basic but important tools to set up your dartboard cabinet. A sturdy drill or screwdriver is essential for fixing your cabinet to the wall. Use a pencil to mark exactly where to put the drywall anchors. A tape measure helps you find the right spot to place your cabinet, and for a more precise job, a Pro Line measuring tape is a good choice. These tools will help you get your dartboard cabinet up securely.

What Materials Do I Need to Hang a Dartboard Cabinet on Drywall?

You will need stabilizer screws, a solid mounting bracket, and maybe a mounting disc from the QuickFit system. Stabilizer screws keep the cabinet fixed firmly, and the mounting bracket is key for attaching it to your wall. Sometimes, a mounting disc can give extra support and make lining things up easier. With the right tools and materials, you can easily install your dartboard cabinet on drywall.

What Type of Anchors Should I Use for Hanging on Drywall Without Studs?

It’s important to pick the correct type of anchors for a strong hold in drywall, especially without studs. Drywall anchors or plastic wall anchors are the best choice. They help the drywall hold more weight, so you can securely hang your dartboard cabinet. Depending on your dartboard cabinet’s weight and use, you might need anchors that support 20 to 50 pounds.

Drywall anchors
Drywall anchors
Drill or ScrewdriverFor installation of mounting hardwareCordless Drill or Standard Screwdriver
PencilMarking drywall for anchor placementStandard carpenter’s pencil
Tape MeasureMeasuring the proper height and distanceStandard 25-foot tape measure
Pro Line Measuring Tape (Optional)For simplified distance measuringSpecific to dartboard installations
Stabilizer ScrewsSecuring cabinet to wallDiameter and length suitable for cabinet
Mounting BracketMain support for cabinet on drywallCompatible with dartboard cabinet model
Mounting Disc for QuickFit system (Optional)Additional alignment toolBased on the QuickFit hardware requirements
Drywall AnchorsAnchor support in absence of studsPlastic wall anchors rated for cabinet weight

From my own experience, the right prep and materials can make installing a dartboard a lot easier. Investing in these essentials helps you safely hang your dartboard cabinet. This turns any room into a fun space.

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Preparing to Install Your Dartboard Cabinet

Choosing the perfect spot for your dartboard cabinet is key. It should have lots of room, at least 5 feet (150cm) wide and 11 feet (330cm)long. This space lets players throw darts easily and keeps others safe.

Know the exact measurements of your dartboard cabinet

Before installing it is important to know the exact measurements of your dartboard cabinet.

  • This ensures a perfect fit on your wall, leaving enough space for you to throw comfortably and maintain the proper throwing distance.
  • Knowing the dimensions helps you mark the exact spots for drilling holes for mounting brackets or anchors, preventing any mistakes during installation.
  • It also allows you to position the cabinet precisely so the dartboard bullseye lands at the official regulation height of 5 feet 8 inches (173cm) from the floor.

Choosing the Right Location on Drywall

Where you hang the cabinet on the drywall really matters. Avoid busy places to lower the chance of hitting someone with a dart. I also avoid walls with decorations, so cabinet doors open fully.

How to Find Studs in Drywall for Secure Mounting

Finding studs in drywall is essential for a stable set up. A good stud finder helps me find the best spots. If there are no studs where I want the cabinet, I use strong drywall anchors. These anchors support the cabinet’s weight, darts, and more. This is crucial to keep the cabinet secure and avoid wall damage.

Getting ready is a big part of the whole process. Choosing where to install it and securing it well makes a big difference. It leads to a better and safer dart playing experience at home.

How to Hang a Dartboard Cabinet on Drywall

Putting up a dartboard cabinet makes an empty wall the center of your game space. It’s key to follow a clear process for mounting the cabinet right. This ensures the best game play. Also, before hanging a dartboard cabinet on drywall, this is the perfect time to think about soundproofing it. Let’s go through how to do this properly.

Step-by-Step Process to Mount the Cabinet

We’ll start by marking the wall where the bullseye should be. This is at regulation height, 5 feet 8 inches (173cm) from the floor. You can pick how to mount it. The QuickFit bracket is easy to use, but a U-shaped bracket works well too. We’ll place the bracket on the wall, making sure it’s level and centered. Then, we secure it with the right fasteners.

If there’s a stud where we’re mounting, that’s perfect. If not, we’ll need strong wall anchors for drywall. Here’s a handy table to show what we need for installation:

Regulation Height Mark5 feet 8 inches from floor to bullseye
Mounting MethodQuickFit or U-shaped bracket
FastenersAppropriate screws for studs or wall anchors for drywall
LevelEssential tool to ensure the bracket is perfectly horizontal

Ensuring the Dartboard Cabinet is Level

After attaching the mounting bracket, it’s crucial to get the cabinet level. Accurate gameplay depends on it. We use a spirit level to check and make adjustments until it’s just right. Tiny tweaks can greatly improve our darts’ accuracy. So, taking our time here is critical for a solid setup. Remember, being patient is key to getting everything exactly right.

Additional Installation Tips

You’ve learned the basic steps to install your dartboard cabinet. Let’s look at more tips to improve your setup. These tips are perfect for those who love dartboard cabinets, especially when dealing with electronic dartboard wires. It’s about installing your dartboard neatly and with a professional style.

How Can I Hide or Manage Any Visible Wires for Electronic Dartboards?

Electronic dartboards add a tech touch to your game, but wires can be a problem. Luckily, there are smart ways to keep wires out of sight. Cord concealers are easy to use—they stick to the wall and hide the wires. Or, for a cleaner look, you might run the wires inside the wall. This approach keeps your space tidy and safe from wire-related accidents.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Even with great installation advice, mistakes can happen. Make sure to use a level to avoid a slanted board, which could mess with your game. It’s crucial to place your cabinet where its doors can open easily. Being unable to fully open the doors is annoying when you’re eager to play.

Also, try to mount your cabinet on two wall studs for extra stability. This ensures your cabinet doesn’t move, especially in an intense game. And, adding soundproofing behind your board is considerate. It helps keep things quiet for your neighbors or family while you play.

Can I Move My Dartboard Cabinet After Installation?

Are you considering relocating your dartboard cabinet? Moving it on drywall is definitely doable, but it involves drilling new holes, filling the old ones, and repainting the affected area. Therefore, it’s important to choose the new location carefully to minimize extra work and ensure you’re truly satisfied with its new position. Choose wisely to save time and effort down the line!

When you decide to move your cabinet, it’s important to do it right. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Check the new spot carefully, making sure it keeps the right height and distance set by dartboard rules.
  • Find the wall studs with a stud finder to ensure the cabinet is securely attached.
  • Think about how to hide or fix the holes and anchors left from where the cabinet was first hung.

Moving the cabinet requires careful measurements and the right tools. Always double-check your measurements before drilling new holes. Use strong anchors or, better yet, attach the cabinet to wall studs to make sure it’s firmly in place.

Moving the cabinet isn’t just about drilling new holes. It’s about making sure your dartboard cabinet stays safe and stable in its new spot, without damaging your walls.

Changing your cabinet’s position isn’t too hard, but it does call for carefulness and precision. The fun of scoring a bullseye comes partly from a well-installed dartboard cabinet, even after moving it. So, pay attention to the process of repositioning your dartboard cabinet. This ensures you can keep enjoying the game with your cabinet securely attached to your wall.

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Learning how to hang a dartboard cabinet on drywall has been a journey. The key to a secure installation is important for safety and fun. Setting up the cabinet properly boosts your game room’s look and function. I showed why using the correct tools matters, and choosing the best spot is essential.

Following the steps I provided, you can hang your cabinet accurately. Measuring well is crucial to ensure it’s secure and straight. Use sturdy anchors or find the studs in your drywall for a solid installation. And remember, keeping electronic dartboard wires neat is vital for a sleek look.

You’re now set to make your game room better and dive into the fun world of darts. A good setup leads to endless entertainment, alone or with friends. A bit of effort now ensures your darting area is always ready for action and high scores.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Tools Are Required for the Installation?

To set up a dartboard cabinet, you will need some tools. These include a drill or screwdriver, a pencil, and a tape measure. Sometimes, you might also need a Pro Line measuring tape for exact measurements. A level is essential for making sure your cabinet is perfectly straight.

What Materials Do I Need to Hang a Dartboard Cabinet on Drywall?

The main things you need for hanging your cabinet are the dartboard cabinet itself and its mounting hardware. This hardware could include stabilizer screws, a mounting bracket, and perhaps a mounting disc for QuickFit systems. If you can’t find a wall stud, use drywall anchors or plastic wall anchors for extra support.

What Type of Anchors Should I Use for Hanging on Drywall Without Studs?

Without a stud, your best bet is heavy-duty drywall anchors. These anchors give the wall the strength to support more weight. They can usually hold between 20 to 50 pounds, which is plenty for a dartboard cabinet.

Choosing the Right Location on Drywall

Picking the right spot on your drywall is key. Make sure there’s enough room to play safely. You’ll need a space that’s at least 5 feet wide and 11 feet long from the dart-throwing line. This gives players enough space to throw without trouble.

How to Find Studs in Drywall for Secure Mounting

The best way to find studs in your drywall is by using a stud finder. Attaching the cabinet to a stud is safer because it’s more stable than just the drywall. This stops the cabinet from getting loose or the wall from getting damaged by the weight and impact of dart throws.

Step-by-Step Process to Mount the Cabinet

First, mark the regulation height on your wall – 5 feet 8 inches from the floor to the bullseye. Mount the bracket securely over a stud or with the right drywall anchors. Ensure the dartboard is pressed tight against the wall, and there’s no wobble.

Ensuring the Dartboard Cabinet is Level

Once you hang your cabinet, check that it’s completely straight with a level. A tilted cabinet can mess up your throws. If it’s not straight, adjust it until it’s perfectly level.

How Can I Hide or Manage Any Visible Wires for Electronic Dartboards?

For electronic boards, use cord concealers to keep wires tidy and hidden. Or, run the wires inside the wall for a neat look. This might need extra tools, like a drill, and wall plates, and maybe even a professional’s touch.

What materials are best suited for constructing a dartboard cabinet?

The choice of material affects the longevity and appearance of your dartboard cabinet. For a detailed discussion on the options available, check out my guide on choosing the right materials for your dartboard cabinet.

Is it practical to install a dartboard cabinet outdoors?

There are specific considerations to keep in mind if you plan to use a dartboard cabinet outside. Explore my insights on outdoor use of dartboard cabinets for more detailed information.

How do I choose the right dartboard cabinet for my home?

With numerous options available, selecting the perfect dartboard cabinet can be overwhelming. My reviews on top dartboard cabinets can guide you in making an informed decision.