How to Hit a Double in Darts: 22 Pro Tips & Strategies Revealed

Tussling with that elusive double in darts? Trust me, I completely empathize! After pouring over research and engaging in countless games during my relentless pursuit of the bull’s eye, I’ve stumbled upon a treasure chest of expert advice to step up your dart game.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into how to hit a double in darts with one dart, unraveling foolproof strategies for striking them consistently. Eager to master those doubles like a seasoned player? Join me on this journey!

Key Takeaways

  • In doubles darts, players start with a score of 501 and must hit a double to begin subtracting points from their total.
  • To improve accuracy in hitting doubles, practice regularly using methods like the Doubles Lock game or Bob’s 27 darts.
  • Strategies for improving accuracy include focusing on aim, practicing grip and throwing motion, and finding a consistent aiming point.
  • Stay focused and calm under pressure by breathing deeply, visualizing success, establishing a pre – shot routine, blocking out distractions, breaking down throws into smaller goals, staying positive after misses, and practicing under pressure.

As you immerse yourself in the fascinating world of darts and explore the strategies to master hitting those elusive doubles, it’s crucial to remember that every great dart player starts with a strong foundation.

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In that pillar post, you’ll find a treasure trove of insights, from the basics of dartboard setup to advanced techniques that can elevate your game. So, whether you’re honing your skills on hitting doubles or starting from scratch, let’s dive deeper into the art of darts by checking out our definitive guide—it’s your roadmap to becoming a true darts aficionado.

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How to Hit a Double in Darts 22 Pro Tips & Strategies Revealed

Understanding Dartboard Doubles in Darts

In doubles darts, each player starts with a score of 501 and must hit a double to begin subtracting from their total.

Rules of the double dart game

Here are some simple rules for the double dart game:

  1. Play starts at 501 points.
  2. Each player takes turns to throw three darts.
  3. The aim is to get to zero as fast as you can.
  4. Points landed on the board take away from your total score.
  5. The last dart must hit a double.
  6. Any darts thrown after getting to zero don’t count.

What is a double in darts?

In the game of darts, a “double” holds a special spot. It’s set on the outer ring of the dartboard. Hitting this spot earns you twice as many points as its number value. So, if you hit the double 20 area in zone 20, you get 40 points! This makes it a key target for high scoring.

There’s also an extra twist in some games like 501-down. Here, landing your last dart on a double is how you win! That means aiming well plays a big part in your victory march. Hitting doubles sets good players apart from great ones.

Aim for this bullseye cousin to boost your score and show off your skill!

Tips and Techniques on How to Hit a Double in Darts ( Dart Practice Routines)

Dart in the double 20 section on the dartboard

To improve your accuracy in hitting doubles, it is important to practice regularly and incorporate specific techniques into your game.

Best Way to practice doubles

I’ve got some cool methods to practice double darts. These tips will give you a leg up!

  1. Play the Doubles Lock. Here, you take three throws per double from 20 to 1. You can move on to the next target after hitting a double.
  2. Use the game “Bob’s 27 darts.” This fun game can help improve your doubles.
  3. Take your practice seriously. Spend quality time every day to improve skills like hitting doubles and scoring high points.
  4. Master checkouts as well as hitting doubles. These are important parts of your game.
  5. Be aware of rules that may impact your score, like any darts thrown by mistake after scoring the required double.
  6. Don’t forget about games like 501 – down where the last dart must hit a double.
  7. Keep in mind that hits on both outside and inside rings achieve two points, not just bullseye hits.
  8. Try different tactics until you find what works best for you!

Strategies for improving accuracy

Improving accuracy in darts is essential to hit doubles consistently. Here are some strategies to help you improve your accuracy:

  1. Focus on your aim: Take the time to line up your shot and aim carefully at the target. Visualize where you want the dart to land before throwing it.
  2. Practice your grip: Experiment with different grips until you find one that feels comfortable and secure for you. A good grip will ensure better control over the dart’s flight.
  3. Maintain a steady stance: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, keeping your body balanced and stable. Avoid unnecessary movements or swaying while throwing.
  4. Follow-through: After releasing the dart, maintain a smooth follow-through motion with your arm extended straight towards the target. This helps maintain control and accuracy.
  5. Use a consistent throwing motion: Develop a consistent throwing motion by practicing regularly. This will give you more control over the dart’s trajectory and increase accuracy.
  6. Find your aiming point: Some players focus on specific points on the dartboard, such as a particular segment or wire junction, to guide their aim consistently.
  7. Adjust for height: If you notice that your darts consistently fall higher or lower than intended, adjust your throw accordingly to compensate for this tendency.

Tips for staying focused and calm under pressure

When it comes to hitting doubles in darts, staying focused and calm under pressure is key. Here are some tips to help you stay on top of your game:

  1. Breathe: Take deep breaths before each throw to help relax your mind and body.
  2. Visualize success: Imagine yourself hitting the double target with precision and accuracy. Visualizing success can boost your confidence and focus.
  3. Develop a pre-shot routine: Establishing a consistent pre-shot routine can help you get into the right mindset before each throw. It could be taking a moment to line up your shot or visualizing your intended path to the target.
  4. Block out distractions: Concentrate solely on the dartboard and block out any external distractions like noise or other players’ performances.
  5. Break it down: Take each throw one step at a time instead of thinking too far ahead. Focus on your technique and aim for small victories rather than getting overwhelmed by the overall score.
  6. Stay positive: Maintain a positive attitude even if you miss a double. Remind yourself that it’s part of the game and use it as motivation to improve in the next round.
  7. Practice under pressure: Simulate game-like conditions during practice games by introducing time limits or competing against others. This will help you build resilience and composure when it matters most.

Table: “Key Takeaways for Hitting Doubles in Darts”

Practice Methods
– Doubles Lock GameTake three throws per double from 20 to 1. Move to the next target after hitting a double.
– Bob’s 27 DartsA game to improve your doubles.
– Consistent Daily PracticeSpend quality time every day improving skills like hitting doubles and scoring high points.
– Master CheckoutsImportant for your game.
– Be Aware of RulesKnow the rules that impact your score, especially in games like 501 – down where the last dart must hit a double.
– Points for Outer and Inner RingsHits on both outside and inside rings achieve two points.
– Try Different TacticsExperiment until you find what works best for you.
Improving Accuracy Strategies
– Focus on Your AimLine up your shot and aim carefully. Visualize your target.
– Experiment with GripFind a comfortable and secure grip for better control.
– Maintain a Steady StanceStand with feet shoulder-width apart for stability.
– Smooth Follow-ThroughAfter releasing the dart, extend your arm straight towards the target.
– Develop a Consistent Throwing MotionPractice regularly for control and accuracy.
– Find Your Aiming PointFocus on specific points on the dartboard to guide your aim consistently.
– Adjust for HeightCompensate for any tendency to throw too high or low.
Staying Focused and Calm Under Pressure
– Deep BreathingTake deep breaths before each throw to relax.
– Visualize SuccessImagine hitting the double with precision and accuracy.
– Pre-Shot RoutineEstablish a consistent routine for the right mindset.
– Block Out DistractionsConcentrate solely on the dartboard.
– Break It DownTake each throw one step at a time. Focus on technique.
– Stay PositiveMaintain a positive attitude even after misses.
– Practice Under PressureSimulate game-like conditions during practice.

Conclusion: How to Hit a Double in Darts

Mastering the art of hitting doubles in darts takes practice, focus, and strategy. By following these pro tips and techniques, you can improve your accuracy and increase your chances of hitting those doubles.

Remember to stay calm under pressure and keep practicing every day to hone your skills. With dedication and perseverance, you’ll become a master at hitting doubles in no time!

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Frequently asked questions

Q: How can I improve my ability to hit a double in darts?

A: To improve your ability to hit a double in darts, you can practice doubles. This involves focusing on hitting the small target areas on the dartboard where the doubles are located. By practicing doubles, you will become more familiar with the distances and angles required to successfully hit them.

Q: What is the best way to practice doubles in darts?

A: The best way to practice doubles in darts is to set up specific practice games. For example, you can start with double 16 and aim to hit two darts in that area before moving on to the next double. You can also play games like 301, where you need to hit each double on the board to win the game. By incorporating doubles practice into your regular practice session, you will see improvement over time.

Q: How many darts should I throw at each double during practice?

A: It is recommended to throw 3 or 6 darts at each double during practice. This allows you to practice hitting the double multiple times and increase your chances of success. By throwing a consistent number of darts at each double, you will also be able to track your progress and determine which areas require more practice.

Q: What should I do if I cannot hit a particular double?

A: If you are struggling to hit a particular double, it is important to remain patient and focused. Try adjusting your throwing technique or experimenting with different angles. You can also seek advice from more experienced players or watch professional dart players to learn different strategies. Remember, practice and persistence are key to improving your double hitting abilities.

Q: How do I win the game if I can’t hit a double?

A: To win the game in darts, you must hit a double to reach the required score. If you are unable to hit a double, you will need to continue throwing until you eventually hit it. Alternatively, if you consistently miss the double, your opponent may have an opportunity to win the game by hitting their double before you. Focus on hitting your doubles during practice sessions to increase your chances of winning the game.

Q: What is a doubles lock in darts?

A: A doubles lock in darts refers to a situation where a player needs to hit a double to win the game, but continuously fails to do so. If a player reaches a doubles lock, they cannot win the game unless their opponent also misses their double. This adds an extra level of tension and pressure to the game, making hitting doubles even more crucial.

Q: Should I focus on hitting doubles or triples in darts?

A: Both hitting doubles and triples are important in darts, but hitting doubles is essential for winning games. While hitting triples can score you more points, the game requires players to hit a specific double to reach the desired score and win the game. Therefore, it is crucial to focus on hitting doubles consistently, especially during practice sessions.

Q: How can I become a professional dart player?

A: Becoming a professional dart player requires a combination of talent, dedication, and practice. Start by honing your dart throwing skills and participating in local dart leagues and tournaments. As you gain experience and improve your game, you can compete in larger tournaments and seek sponsorship opportunities. It is also important to stay updated on the latest rules and regulations set by organizations such as the British Darts Organisation (BDO).

Q: Are there any tips and strategies to help me hit doubles in darts?

A: Yes, here are some tips and strategies to help you hit doubles in darts: – Focus on your aim and maintain a consistent throwing technique. – Practice hitting specific doubles repeatedly to build muscle memory. – Experiment with different angles and distances to find what works best for you. – Stay calm and composed during crucial moments. – Watch and learn from professional dart players. By incorporating these tips and strategies into your practice routine, you will be able to improve your double hitting skills.

Q: What should I do if I consistently miss the double during a game?

A: If you consistently miss the double during a game, it may be helpful to take a step back and refocus. Take a few deep breaths, visualize your target, and concentrate on your aim. Sometimes, taking a moment to reset and regain your composure can make a significant difference. Additionally, practicing hitting doubles during your regular practice sessions will increase your chances of hitting them during games.