Where Is Double on a Dart Board: Your Go-To Guide

Ever wonder where the double ring is on a dartboard? It’s a crucial question that most beginners will ask. After all, hitting doubles scores you twice the points and can be the difference between winning and losing the game. This comprehensive guide will clear up any confusion and show you exactly where to aim for those high-scoring doubles!

But first: where is double on a dart board? Well, in short: A double in darts is located in the thin outer ring of the dartboard. When you hit that spot, you will earn twice as many points as the number section it hits.

Where Is Double on a Dart Board_ Your Go-To Guide

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Key Takeaways

  • A double in darts is located in the thin outer ring of the dartboard, and hitting it earns you twice as many points as the number section it hits.
  • Doubles in darts are important because they help you score more points and are required to start and end certain dart games.
  • Two effective ways to practice doubles are playing Bob’s 27 game and using the Doubles Lock drill. These practice methods can improve your accuracy in hitting a double on the dartboard.

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Where is Double on a Dart board?

A dartboard has multiple rings on its surface. The double ring, the triple ring, and the bullseye. In case you have a quadro dartboard there is a fourth ring, but these dartboards are rare. In this article, I want to focus on the double ring.

In darts, a double lives in the thin outer ring of the dartboard. It’s like a narrow belt that goes around the board, just below the numbers. When hitting a double, you earn twice as many points as the number section it hits. So, if you hit the 20 part with a double, it will give you 40 points! Doubles in darts got their name because they count for two times more than regular spots on the board.

But it doesn’t stop with earning double points. Some types of dart games need players to start and/or end with a double. In that case you will hear them talk about double in, double out, or double in and double out. The Idea behind this is that they only can start or end the game by hitting a double section on the board.

Why Are Doubles So Important?

Doubles in darts are key. This is true for all dart games. They help you score more points. You get twice as many points when you hit them. That’s why they call it a “double”. Often, games need a double to start and end the game.

Pro players aim for certain numbers to hit a double on the dartboard when their score goes under 170 (the so called big fish in darts). So, if you want to win at darts, you need to be good at hitting doubles on the outer ring of the board!

Different Ways to Practice Doubles

Looking to improve your double shots? I’ll share two effective practice methods that will help you master those doubles in no time. For more in depth information, you can check out how to hit a double in darts here. Keep reading to up your game!

Bob’s 27

Bob’s 27 is a fun game to make your dart throws even better. It focuses on the doubles on the outer ring of the dartboard. All players start with 27 points in this game. Then, they aim at each double from one to twenty in order.

If they hit it, they add that double’s value to their score. But if they miss, they lose the same value from their total points! The goal is to wind up with more than zero points after trying all twenty doubles.

Doubles Lock

When playing darts, one important skill to master is hitting doubles consistently. The “Doubles Lock” is a practice drill that can help you improve your accuracy in hitting double segments of the dartboard.

To start, choose a specific number between 1 and 20 as your target. Begin by aiming for the outer ring of that number and try to hit the double segment. If successful, move on to another number and repeat the process.

By practicing this drill regularly, you can build confidence in hitting doubles when it counts during games. Keep practicing and soon you’ll be nailing those doubles like a pro!

Bob’s 27Players start with 27 points and aim at each double from one to twenty in order. If they hit it, they add that double’s value to their score. If they miss, they lose the same value from their total points! The goal is to wind up with more than zero points after trying all twenty doubles.Helps players practice hitting all of the doubles on the dartboard in a fun and challenging way.
Doubles LockPlayers choose a specific number between 1 and 20 as their target. They then aim for the outer ring of that number and try to land you dart on the double segment. If successful, they move on to another number and repeat the process.Helps players improve their accuracy in hitting double segments of the dartboard.
Different ways to practice doubles in darts

Keeping Track of the Scores

Keeping track of the scores in darts is an important part of the game. As you play, it’s essential to keep a close eye on your score and the scores of your opponents.

To make it easier to keep track of scores, many players use a scoreboard or scoring app where they can input their scores after each turn. This helps them calculate quickly without any confusion.

It’s also important to know which numbers you have to hit on the board and end with a double when your score goes below 170, as hitting a double is crucial in some games to start scoring and finish the game successfully.

Tips from the pros to find the double on the dartboard

As someone deeply entrenched in the darts community, I’ve had the privilege of rubbing elbows with some of the sport’s finest players. Their insights and experiences have been invaluable, especially when it comes to understanding the pivotal role of hitting a double. Here, I’ll share what I’ve learned from these professionals about mastering the double on a dartboard, complemented by my own seasoned advice for those just starting their journey in darts.

Insights into the Importance of Mastering Doubles

Every seasoned dart player knows that a double in darts isn’t just another scoring opportunity; it’s often the make-or-break moment in a game. Mastering the double is essential because it’s your ticket to finishing a game. Without it, all the high scoring in the world won’t get you over the finish line.

Advice for Amateurs

For those new to the sport, the prospect of consistently hitting a double on the dartboard can seem daunting. However, integrating a few key practices into your routine can make a significant difference. Start with focusing on your stance and grip – the foundation of a reliable throw. Ensure you’re comfortable and balanced before you even consider where is double on the dartboard.

Next, practice visualization. Before each throw, take a moment to visualize the dart hitting its mark. This mental preparation is as crucial as physical practice.


In conclusion, knowing where the double is on a dart board is crucial for any darts player. Doubles in darts count for twice the points and can make or break a game. By practicing doubles and understanding the different sections of the dartboard, you can improve your accuracy and strategy in playing darts.

So, next time you step up to throw, aim for that double and watch your score soar! Keep practicing and have fun playing darts!

Unlock Your Dartboard Mastery!

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